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Cartier London Mid-20th Century Citrine and Gold Flower Brooch

An English, Mid-20th Century 18 karat gold brooch with citrine stones by Cartier London. The brooch has 8 pear-cut citrines with an approximate total weight of 20.00 carats, 8 round-cut citrines with an approximate total weight of 4.00 carats, and 1 square-cut center citrine with an approximate total weight of 6.75 carats. Total approximate weight of the brooch is 30.75 carats. The brooch is designed in a stylized, bursting chrysanthemum motif. / Stories of Old New York: A Patriot with a Passion for Chrysanthemums. / In the 1830s, a little boy named Abram Hewitt, later mayor of New York, used to visit a friendly old gentleman with a grand passion for chrysanthemums that he cultivated on his estate, Castle Point. Little did the boy know that the old man, Colonel John Stevens, had led a life of adventure and innovation. In 1776, Stevens had joined the Patriot forces and was made treasurer of New Jersey, which required him to criss-cross the war-torn state on horseback, dodging hostile British and Loyalist troops while raising money for the Revolutionary cause. A Columbia-trained lawyer and "mildly mad" inventor, always inspired by a firm civic purpose, Stevens had pioneered the development of steam-powered engines for ferry and rail transport, earning himself the name Father of the American Railroad. Among his children were mathematicians, philanthropists, and engineers, one ... of whom founded the Stevens Institute for Mechanical Engineering, now ranked one of the top five STEM colleges in the nation. But Stevens'' pride and joy was the royal purple chrysanthemum he had imported into America after the war. Mayor Hewitt recalled that the Stevens family "did not believe that the acquisition of wealth was sufficient for the development of human nature… The sense for beauty was manifest in all that they did." X

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Cartier London Mid-20th Century Citrine and Gold Flower Brooch