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Gold Ring with Diamonds and Emeralds by Marchak

A French Mid-20th Century 18 karat gold ring with diamonds and emeralds by Marchak. The leaves of this ring are framed with 81 round-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 5.10 carats with a VS clarity and G/H color grade. The leaves center on 4 oval cabochon emeralds with an approximate total weight of 20.20 carats. Ring size 6-1/2. With original drawing. Born in 1854 in a poverty-stricken area of Kiev, Joseph Marchak sold his own clothing at age 10 to pay the fees associated with becoming a jeweler''s apprentice. Fourteen years after beginning that apprenticeship, Marchak used the dowry from his young bride to open his own small shop in the neighborhood in which he was born. Within a year, he had upgraded to a full maison on the Kreshchatyk, Kiev''s main street of luxury retail. Marchak quickly drew the attention of Tsar Nicholas II, who traveled to Kiev to have Marchak design gifts to be given to his family celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Seemingly overnight, Marchak had become the most highly sought-after and highly celebrated luxury maker in Russia, easily rivaling even Fabergé. But Marchak was also widely recognized abroad, winning a prestigious medal at the World''s Fair in Chicago in 1893, and another in Antwerp in 1894. Dubbed the "Cartier of Kiev," Marchak, his family and his workshop fled Russia at the outset of World War I and ... landed in Paris, where they established another successful workshop and storefront on the Rue de la Paix. The Marchak family continued to make exquisite and highly stylized treasure that defied commonplace trends well through the mid 20th Century.

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Gold Ring with Diamonds and Emeralds by Marchak