Henry Dunay

Henry DunayFounded 1965

Henry Dunay began his meteoric rise to the top of jewelry fame as a message boy for an elderly master goldsmith in New York. After apprenticing through his adolescence, Henry Dunay founded his company nine days after turning twenty-one. He went on to win 53 international awards for his designs, and became legendary for his craftsmanship and selection of the most beautiful stones. His original designs featuring carefully crafted pave-settings have given way to modern gold pieces with a variety of finishes, but the integrity and unique aesthetic of a Henry Dunay piece has remained consistent throughout his fifty years in business.

In the years following its initial founding, Henry Dunay relocated closer to the fashion center of Fifth Avenue. Dunay struggled to keep the business running while maintaining his artistic integrity as a designer. Each piece was one of a kind, painstakingly hand crafted, and took a great amount of time and attention to create. His big break came in 1967 when he won the first of three De Beers Diamonds International Awards for a deeply carved gold, sapphire, and diamond ring. The international recognition he gained from this exposure lead to a slew of commissions including one for a gold chastity belt and a golden goblet.

With his initial boost from the award, Dunay sought to re-imagine his business approach. While continuing to focus on the individual pieces that made him famous, Dunay also sought to launch a collection with a unifying theme and signature design. Dunay’s Faceted collection consisted of gold pieces with many surfaces, achieved by cutting deeply into the metal. The Sabi line features a gold brushed finish, and the Cynnabar collection is a tribute to Eastern Art. Dunay released a collection featuring semi-precious gemstones of various colors called Color-Me-Henry.

Throughout his five decades as a designer and businessman Dunay has always focused on quality, craftsmanship, and stone quality while maintaining a strong work ethic and passion for his creations. Dunay contends that with all of his great, one of a kind designs, first he finds the perfect stone, and then he builds around it.

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