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Tiffany Studios "Cypriote" Miniature Vase

A Tiffany Studios New York glass "Cypriote" vase, featuring a mottled and multi-textured lava-like finish, with an uneven border. The vase has a dark background with iridescent green, blue, purple and metallic swirls. Cypriote is a textured glass achieved at Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company by rolling glass over a marble or iron surface covered with pulverized bits of the same glass. Its iridescence and bubbles resembled the decomposed surface of Roman glass discovered during archeological explorations on the island of Cyprus, hence its name. Lava glass evolved from Cypriote glass by using thicker, brighter glass and dripping golden glass irregularly over the surface. A similar vase is pictured in: "The Art of Glass: Art Nouveau to Art Deco" by Victor Arwas, London: Andreas Papadakis, 1996, p. 40, plate 50.

Artist: Tiffany
Signed: “R1837 L.C.T”
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 2¾'' diameter x 3½ '' high
Item #:  T-11490
Price:   $25,000 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Tiffany Studios

Tiffany Studios New York American "Lava" Vase

A Tiffany Studios New York American Art Nouveau "Lava" vase by Louis Comfort Tiffany. A visit to Mount Etna in Sicily during one of its eruptions is said to have inspired Tiffany to capture in glass the force and beauty of the molten volcanic flows and basaltic rock formations that he observed there. The free-form abstract drippings of gold molten glass and the speckled blue and gold ground recreate the naturalistic effects of flowing lava and make this vase an exceptional example of the form. Circa 1908. Provenance: The Garden Museum Collection, Matsue, Japan : Important Art Nouveau from the Private Collection of Lloyd & Barbara Macklowe at Sotheby's 1995 This vase is pictured in: "A Selection of 300 Works From Louis C. Tiffany Garden Museum", by Takeo Horiuchi, Japan: Greco Corporation Fine Art Department, 2001, p. 250. A similar piece is also in the collection of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA: "The Tiffany Collection of the Chrysler Museum at Norfolk", by Paul E. Doros, Richmond, VA: W. M. Brown & son, Inc., 1978, p. 70, plate 69. Also pictured in "Tiffany Favrile Glass and the Quest of Beauty", by Martin Eidelberg, page 29, plate 28.

Artist: Tiffany
Signed: L.C. Tiffany Favrile 9166C
Circa: 1908
Dimensions: 5'' diameter x 4-1/2'' high
Item #:  T-15784
Price:  Price on Request. Call (212) 644-6400
Tiffany Studios New York American
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