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Byzantine Heads" lithographs by Alphonse Mucha

A pair of French 'Byzantine Heads" lithographs by Alphonse Mucha. The mastery evident in creating two archetypes of the female form against a decorative background confirms Mucha's artistic maturity. Both women, portrayed in profile, have their heads decorated with beautiful jewelry, the richness and oriental nature of which suggested the name Byzantine Heads for the series. The subtle differences in details between the paintings are worth noticing. For the first time appears the perfect form of Mucha's often-used motif, circle framing each head interrupted by a strand of hair. With this device, it is as if Mucha's unreachable beauties have broken the magic border between themselves and their admirers and suggest the possibility that they might, perhaps, meet.? (Mucha/Art Nouveau, p. 192). In this version, Mucha added corners filigreed with curves to the original circular designs in order to create the standard rectangular shape of decorative panels. This is the rarest of all variants. Pictured in "Alphonse Mucha, The Complete Posters and Panels, by Jack Rennert and Alain Weill," page 167, cat. 40, variant 1.

Artist: Mucha
Circa: 1897
Dimensions: 20-1/2'' high x 14¼'' wide each
Item #:  ML-17602
Price:   $47,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Byzantine Heads

French Art Nouveau Side Table by Edouard Colonna

A French Art Nouveau mahogany side table with carved decoration in an abstract curvilinear vegetal motif by Edouard Colonna (1862-1948). Along with Louis Comfort Tiffany, Edouard Colonna was one of the main designers who worked for Siegfried Bing and who, under Bing's guidance, was responsible for the creation of what is known today as the Modern Style, or Art Nouveau. Colonna is remembered for his tasteful elegance and his use of abstract forms to create a graceful linear rhythm and dynamic intertwining lines. While he occasionally started with a floral motif, Colonna abstracted nature to create the impression of a flower bud or bloom held within a carefully constructed geometric scheme. This design scheme is evident in the delicate carvings ornamenting each leg of the table and in the overall rhythm of the piece. Colonna furniture, jewelry and designs for small objects like scarf and money holders would become the backbone of Bing's business. By 1898 a number of his works were on display at Bing's L'Art Nouveau. A similar table is pictured in: "The Paris Salons 1895-1915, Vol. III: Furniture", by Alastair Duncan, Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors' Club, 1996, p. 109.

Artist: Edouard Colonna
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 31-1/2'' diameter x 24'' high
Item #:  F-15517
Price:   $27,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
French Art Nouveau Side Table by Edouard Colonna

English Georgian Pearl, Porcelain Enamel and Gold Pendant Necklace

An English Georgian 18 karat gold and porcelain enamel Lover's Eye pendant necklace with half pearls. The pendant necklace has 47 half pearls approximately 3 mm. in size surrounding the pendant. This unique pendant is composed of symbolic elements of memorial jewelry. In this piece, the pearl frame signifies tears, white -- a traditional memorial color -- is used heavily, and a bucolic garden -- yet another symbol of memorials -- is featured prominently. The flaming heart and the lover's eye denote a passionate love that had ended. As Ginny Dawes notes, "In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there was a fashion in love jewelry, for Memento Mori or 'vanitas' pieces which meant, literally, 'remember you must die'," and to memorialize the love that has departed. With fitted box.

Circa: 1800’s
Dimensions: 2 3/8 inches x 1 5/8 inches in width
Item #:  PT-17160
Price:   $15,000 – Call: (212) 644-6400
English Georgian Pearl, Porcelain Enamel and Gold Pendant Necklace

English Georgian Amethyst Rivière Necklace

An English Georgian 9 karat gold and silver rivière necklace with 28 cushion-cut foil backed amethysts that graduate in size and are chain linked. The amethysts are foiled and closed backed. (Safety chain added later.) The rivière is a short (usually 14-16 inches) necklace simply composed of a line of faceted gemstones or pastes, often graduating in size, and individually set. When the style first developed, in the late 17th or early 18th century, the settings were closed-back. Later versions had open settings so that the effect was a continuous, shining stream around the neck. Some ornate examples have additional gems dangling from the main necklace. Provenance: The Nancy and Gilbert Levine Collection, at The Toledo Museum of Art. The Levine Collecion comprised the Museum of Arts and Sciences travelling exhibition "A Century of Jewelry & Gems: 1785-1885" in 1995.

Circa: 1800
Dimensions: 16" length
Item #:  N-17967
Price:   $8,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
English Georgian Amethyst Rivière Necklace

Choker Necklace, Bracelet, Bandeau Headband by Carrington & Company

Originally retailed by Carrington & Co, London, this choker/necklace/ bracelet/bandeau/headband comes with its original box and headband frame to which the necklace is attached with small screws. The necklace is composed of old-mine and old-European cut diamond set circles with stones that graduate in size from approximately .05 carats on the ends and grow progressively larger toward the middle circle which is set with approximately .15 carat old-mine and old-European cut diamonds. The necklace features 250 Old European-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 24.00 carats. Silver topped 18 karat gold. With signed Carrington & Co. box.

Circa: 1880
Dimensions: 12 1/2" Interior Length x 3/4" - 5/8" in width
Item #:  N-10287
Price:  Price on Request. Call (212) 644-6400
Choker Necklace, Bracelet, Bandeau Headband  by Carrington & Company

Antique Silver and Gold Diamond Necklace

An Antique silver-topped 15 karat gold necklace, composed of 5 openwork flower motif clusters. The clusters are connected by diamond set swag links. Both clusters and links are set with old mine cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 16.80 carats.

Circa: 1890
Dimensions: +/- 16" length
Item #:  N-10920
Price:   $39,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Antique Silver and Gold Diamond Necklace

Antique Gold Linked Chain

An Antique 15 karat gold link repousse necklace. The long chain/necklace is composed of alternating flower medallions and textured open oval links.

Circa: 1880’s
Dimensions: 50" length
Item #:  N-13163
Price:   $19,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Antique Gold Linked Chain

Antique English Five-Stone Emerald Ring

An English Antique 18 karat gold ring with emeralds. The ring has 5 graduated rectangular-cut emeralds with an approximate total weight of 2.65 carats, mounted in a deeply scooped gallery ring. The emeralds are most likely Colombian. Size: 5; can be sized. Provenance: Michael Welby Collection, London.

Circa: 1890
Item #:  R-15474
Price:   $32,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Antique English Five-Stone Emerald Ring
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