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Marianne Ostier Mid-20th Century Diamond and Gold Earrings

A pair of 18 karat gold earrings with diamonds by Marianne Ostier. The earrings contain 32 round-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 2.60 carats, G/H color, VS clarity. The earrings are composed of twisted gold wire forming a cone shape which is topped with a cluster of diamonds. "A Collection of Jewelry, Designed by Marianne Ostier Ostier, Inc., one of New York''s leading jewelers dealing precious-stone jewelry of original design and superb custom craftsmanship, was closed in September of this year [1969], following the death of its co-founder, Oliver Ostier. The present sale offers the entire stock of this distinguished firm. All pieces are original designs of Marianne Ostier, co-founder with her late husband of the firm and an internationally famed designer of jewelry. "Of the decision to close the business, Marianne Ostier said: With the passing of my husband, I have had to devote more and more of my efforts to administrative duties. These demands of my time can no longer be met without artistic compromise which to me is unacceptable. "Representing the third generation of court jewelers in Austria, Oliver Ostier came to America following the Anschluss of 1938. Shortly thereafter he founded the firm of Ostier, Inc., with his wife Marianne, a talented painter and sculptress as well as an artist in the design of jewelry. Author of Jewels and the woman , the ... basic primer of the art of wearing jewelry, Marianne Ostier''s designs became major jewelry fashions and classics of modern designed jewelry. She is responsible for numerous innovations, such as the pincushion clip, the famed skin pin and free-form jewelry; she pioneered in abstract designs for jewelry and, as a sculptress, brought a new dimension to her work in jewelry design. For many years, Mrs. Ostier won the Diamond U.S.A. Award and the Diamond International Award for design excellence. The first life-time member elected to the Diamonds-International Academy, the hall of fame for modern jewelry designers, she represented the United States at the Art in Precious Jewelry exhibition at the Finch College Museum of Art in 1966, which featured the work of the foremost designers of ten countries. Among the artists, in addition to Mrs. Ostier, were Georges Braques and Salvador Dali."

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Marianne Ostier Mid-20th Century Diamond and Gold Earrings

"Butterfly Dancer" by Bouraine & Argy-Rousseau.

A French Art Nouveau "Femme papillon" or butterfly woman pâte de cristal by Marcel Bouraine & Gabriel Argy-Rousseau. The nude female figure in this piece arches her back and neck so that her wavy hair touches her large decorated wings. The sculpture ranges from yellow through amber into brown, with a brown base. Born Joseph-Gabriel Rousseau, in a small village outside of Chartres to a farming family, Rousseau became Argy-Rousseau after his marriage to talented Greek composer Marianne Argyriadès. Argyriadès, who grew up in a social and artistic circle that included Emile Zola and Victor Hugo, was such a deep source of creative support for the glass artist that he changed his surname to include the first four letters of her maiden name, becoming Gabriel Argy-Rousseau and signing his work as such for the rest of his career. Argy-Rousseau became fascinated by Greek classical mythology after his marriage to Marianne, and often chose to depict Grecian goddesses in his works. This particular figure depicts Psyche, the beautiful Greek mortal turned goddess and wife of Eros (Cupid), whose name means both soul and butterfly. An identical piece is on display at: The Corning Museum of Glass, New York. inv 60.3.8. A similar piece is pictured in: G. Argy Rousseau: Glassware as Art, by Janine Bloch-Dermant, London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd., 1991, cat. no. 28.17.

'Butterfly Dancer' by Bouraine & Argy-Rousseau.