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Marcus & Co. Early-20th Century Essex Crystal and Gold Hunting Cuff Links

A pair of American cuff links composed of Essex crystals by Marcus & Co. The double sided cuff links have 4 finely executed individual reverse painted Essex Crystals. The crystals depict a jumping horse and rider, hunting dog, horse and fox head. " The technique is said to have begun in Europe, and the crystal process has been attributed to a Belgian artist named Emile Marius Pradier. Some of Pradier's early pieces were signed, which makes them particularly appealing. Such was the beginning of a treasured art form which evolved into incredible works of art in miniature. Around 1860, Thomas Cooke began making crystals for Lambeth and Company in England. The crystals gained immediate favor, and as their popularity increased, Cooke trained a student to assist him. This student - Thomas Bean - later trained his own son and subsequently his grandson in the crystal making process. Crystal carving and painting has always been a family enterprise and is one of the few art forms of modern times to develop in secrecy, being passed on from one generation to the next. Yet today, with very few artisans possessing either the knowledge or the ability to produce crystals, the process of reverse intaglio is considered to be one of the highest art forms. The popularity of these "little beauties" soared as the twentieth century began and they remained quite fashionable until the early 1930's." (Roger Widener and Thomas Walter)

Artist: Marcus & Co
Signed: "Marcus & Co." "M.S.B. from N.J.B.1933"
Circa: 1930's
Dimensions: 5/8'' diameter
Item #:  CS-18068
Price:   $9,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Marcus & Co. Early-20th Century Essex Crystal and Gold Hunting Cuff Links
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