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French Art Nouveau Side Table by Edouard Colonna

A French Art Nouveau mahogany side table with carved decoration in an abstract curvilinear vegetal motif by Edouard Colonna (1862-1948). Along with Louis Comfort Tiffany, Edouard Colonna was one of the main designers who worked for Siegfried Bing and who, under Bing's guidance, was responsible for the creation of what is known today as the Modern Style, or Art Nouveau. Colonna is remembered for his tasteful elegance and his use of abstract forms to create a graceful linear rhythm and dynamic intertwining lines. While he occasionally started with a floral motif, Colonna abstracted nature to create the impression of a flower bud or bloom held within a carefully constructed geometric scheme. This design scheme is evident in the delicate carvings ornamenting each leg of the table and in the overall rhythm of the piece. Colonna furniture, jewelry and designs for small objects like scarf and money holders would become the backbone of Bing's business. By 1898 a number of his works were on display at Bing's L'Art Nouveau. A similar table is pictured in: "The Paris Salons 1895-1915, Vol. III: Furniture", by Alastair Duncan, Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors' Club, 1996, p. 109.

Artist: Edouard Colonna
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 31-1/2'' diameter x 24'' high
Item #:  F-15517
Price:   $27,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
French Art Nouveau Side Table by Edouard Colonna

French Art Nouveau Wooden Armchair by Edouard Colonna

A French Art Nouveau armchair, by Edouard Colonna, in carved mahogany with green upholstery. A similar chair is pictured in The Paris Salons, 1895-1910, Volume III: Furniture, by Alastair Duncan, Antique Collectors' Club, Publishers, page 108.

Artist: Colonna
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 40" high x 24" wide x 22" deep
Item #:  F-1755
Price:   $14,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
French Art Nouveau Wooden Armchair by Edouard Colonna

Boudoir Lamp by Edouard Colonna

A French Art Nouveau gilt bronze boudoir lamp by Edouard Colonna. The gilt bronze base has a foliate motif. The fringed pale gold silk shade is topped by a twisted vine finial that spreads in an arch over the lamp. A similar lamp is pictured in: Art Nouveau: The French Aesthetic, by Victor Arwas, London: Andreas Papadakis, 2002, p. 281.

Artist: Colonna
Circa: 1903
Dimensions: 11'' diameter x 17-1/2'' high
Item #:  EL-17678
Price:   $11,500 – Call: (212) 644-6400
Boudoir Lamp by Edouard Colonna
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