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Macklowe Gallery Has Changed Its Address But Not Its Raison D’être —  12/8/2017

Rapaport Magazine Snippet

Phyllis Schiller features Macklowe Gallery in a two-page story in Rapaport Magazine's December 2017 issue

In “Room to Grow,” Schiller discusses how as a fixture on New York’s Madison Avenue for 46 years, Macklowe Gallery has changed its address, but not its raison d’être.

The article explores Macklowe Gallery's unique approach to understanding customers and remembering to "surprise and delight" clients with the quality and variety of what we sell. “'We could have a circa-1730 memento mori ring, a 1970s David Webb and everything in between,' explains Ben Macklowe."

Schiller goes on to share Ben's thoughts on René Lalique, "whom he describes as a 'once-in-every-500-years genius.' The gallery has also developed a specialty in the jewelry of Marcus & Company, as well as 'everything produced by Tiffany,' from lamps and glass to jewelry."

Finally, Ben shares his thoughts on how the Gallery continues to succeed in today's marketplace: “'I ask myself, ‘Who are my clients, why do they care about what I do, and how can I make them care more and therefore spend more time with us and purchase more from us and tell their friends more about us?’ I think that extra attention to our customer is what has been the key to our success.'”

You can read the full article here.

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