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Epoch Times Highlights Macklowe Gallery Move to Park Avenue —  1/7/2018

Epoch Times Contributor, Isabelle Kellog, features Macklowe Gallery’s relocation from Madison Avenue to coveted corner spot on 57th Street and Park Avenue

In the article, President Ben Macklowe explains that with all of the challenges faced by luxury retailers in today’s marketplace, they are “thrilled that Macklowe Gallery is growing thanks to their existing clients and a new generation of passionate collectors.”

Kellog, who is a strategic consultant in communications and editorial content for fine jewelry, lifestyle, and life science clients, notes that “the new gallery space is luxuriously appointed with hand-screened wallpaper, lush carpeting, chic interior design elements, and improved lighting for its treasures."

Ben Macklowe took over leadership of the Gallery from his parents, and he has continued their vision “to deliver an experience where customers can expect to find exceptional goods, unerring authenticity, and develop longstanding, personal relationships.”

Doubling in size, this new location boasts a spacious conference room where special events, workshops, and lectures will be planned that relate to decorative arts, and antique and estate jewelry.

The new Macklowe Gallery not only continues to be a trusted source for designers, collectors, scholars, museum curators, and the world’s most respected institutions, but this recent development has solidified it as one of the undisputed authorities of Louis Comfort Tiffany, art nouveau design, and antique and estate jewelry in the world.

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