Founded 1922

The decorating firm of Dominique was established in l922 at 104 Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris. Co-founded by Andre Domin, a self-taught artist, and Marcel Genevriere, a trained architect, the partnership got off to a resounding and rapid start. Within a year they were advertising a wide range of carpets, fabrics, furniture, and wrought-iron. Their furniture design was characterized by simplicity and dignity. One of Dominique's first commissions was to provide furniture for the home of silver designer Jean Puiforcat in Biarritz. This was immediately followed by a commission to do the establishment of the perfumer Houbigant in Neuilly.

In a 1924 Art et Decoration article, the critic, Yvanhoe Rambosson, wrote of a Dominique exhibition at the Salon des Artistes Decorateurs: "The room and the bed are reproduced here are in such harmony with life.....(they) seem to say to us: Come live among us: here life is gentle, joyous, and measured, for here all is well-proportioned."

In addition to the annual Salons, the firm participated in the Ambassade Française at the 1925 Exposition, presenting a lounge in collaboration with Charles Hairon (furniture carving), Helene Lantier (silk upholstery), and La Maison Lunot (Aubusson tapestry). The partners designed a boutique for Manteaux Salf, in the same year receiving first prize for a chair design entered in a competition organized by the Union Centrale de Arts Decoratifs. Around this time an agreement was formed between the five artists/designers whose inaugural exhibition was staged in 1926 at La Galerie Barbazanges. Known as 'Les Cinq' the union was especially valuable to Dominique, its furniture receiving a disproportionate amount of magazine coverage from year to year. Virtually all Chareau's exhibitions - at the moment that he was pioneering the transition to metal furniture - were passed over for Dominique's ensembles.

Dominique also exhibited at the Exposition Colonial in Paris in 1931 and created a "Salon de Musique" for the 1937 Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques also in Paris. For the great French ocean liner Normandie, launched in 1932, four luxury apartments were commissioned for each by a great French design firm (Leleu, Sue, Montagnac and Dominique). The Rouen suite which Dominique designed "was remarkable for the extremely refined use that Dominique made of materials...unquestionably the most avant-garde of the four talents assigned to the deluxe apartments."



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