Decorative Artists

Jacques Adnet

Jacques Adnet was a furniture designer known for his Art Deco Modernist designs and was an icon of French Modernism. Distinctly avant garde, Adnet and was among the continue >>

G. Argy-Rousseau

Born Joseph-Gabriel Rousseau, in a small village outside of Chartres to a farming family, Rousseau became interested in drawing at a very early age. He was also int continue >>

Antoine Louis Barye

1796- 1875
Antoine Louis Barye was an accomplished artist and sculptor. Barye’s work is almost exclusively studies of wild animals, but he also produced equestrian grou continue >>

Maurice Bouval

Maurice Bouval was born in Toulouse, France and was a student of the grand-master Alexandre Falguière who produced the Triumph of the Republic for the Arc continue >>


Edgar Brandt

Edgar Brandt was a consummate artist-blacksmith who combined traditional forging methods with emerging technologies of the machine age such as torch welding and pow continue >>

René Buthaud

René Buthaud was seen as the most accomplished and important French ceramist of the Art Deco period, an opinion held to this day. He designed simple stonewar continue >>

Francois-Rupert Carabin

Francois Rupert Carabin, perhaps the most brilliant sculptor in wood of the Art Nouveau era, was also an accomplished photographer, medal-maker, and designer of cer continue >>


Founded 1804
Maison Cardeilhac was founded by Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac in 1804. He traded at 14 and then 4 Rue du Roule, Paris and specialized in silver cutlery and table continue >>


Louis Chalon

1866- 1940
Born in Paris, he studied with Jules Lefevre and Boulanger, and exhibited vast classically inspired paintings in the Salons of the Societe des Artistes Francais continue >>

Alexandre-Louis-Marie Charpentier

Alexandre-Louis-Marie Charpentier was a pivotal figure in the movement to unite the fine and decorative arts in France at the end of the 19th century. Aversatile, l continue >>

Désiré Christian "Meisenthal"

Born in Lemberg on May 23, 1846, Désiré Jean Baptiste Christian studied painting and later trained as a glass decorator. He became chief designer for continue >>

Edward Colonna

1862- 1948
Edward Colonna, an Art Nouveau designer, had a rich and stimulating early career but success and publicity eluded him, and he was relegated to an obscure life. C continue >>



Founded 1878
The famous Daum glass factory dates back to 1878 when Jean Daum, a lawyer with no glassmaking experience, took the Sainte-Catherine glassworks in Nancy as paym continue >>

Georges De Feure

Georges de Feure, born Georges Joseph van Sluÿters, was the son of an affluent Dutch architect living in Paris. De Feure was a versatile artist and designer, w continue >>

Andre Delatte

André Delatte founded a small glassworks at Jarville, near Nancy France in 1921, where he produced large quantity of glass vessels. Delatte specialized in hi continue >>


Founded 1922
The decorating firm of Dominique was established in l922 at 104 Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris. Co-founded by Andre Domin, a self-taught artist, and Marcel Genevri continue >>


Maurice Dufrène

1876 - 1955
Born in Paris, Maurice Dufrène was preoccupied with designing things even as a child. He grew up collecting scrap pieces of wood, fabric and cardboard from continue >>

Camille Fauré

Camille Fauré produced designs for Limoges, long famed for its enamels Born in Perigueux in 1872, he spent a long apprenticeship before setting up his own wo continue >>

Paul Follot

The French crafts designer and decorator Paul Follot is an Art Deco traditionalist. His first designs were inspired by Neo-Gothic, though he gained his stride dur continue >>

Alphonse Fouquet

Alphonse Fouquet was a French jeweler known for his firm’s Renaissance revival and Art Nouveau work. In 1839 Alphonse Fouquet entered the jewelry industry a continue >>


Emile Gallé

French designer Emile Gallé is considered to be one of the driving forces behind the Art Nouveau movement. His naturalistic designs combined with innovativ continue >>

Hector Guimard

Architect. Designer. Renaissance man. Hector Guimard believed in the unique. His designs embody the essence of the French Art Nouveau movement, incorporating supe continue >>

Victor Horta

Victor Horta was a leading architect and designer of Art Nouveau and his style inspired many modernist artists all over Europe. He also influenced the aesthetic i continue >>


Founded 1885
The French artist Renee Lalique helped to define the aesthetic of the Art Nouveau movement with his masterful glass pieces and jewelry. Lalique's trademark sty continue >>


François-Raoul Larche

François-Raoul Larche was a well-known Art Nouveau sculptor born in St.-Andrè-de-Cubzac. He began his studies in 1878 under François Jouffroy continue >>

Agathon Léonard

1841- 1923
Agathon Léonard was the pseudonym of Van Weydveldt, a sculptor born in Lille in 1841. As a young man he studied under De La Planche at the School of Fine Ar continue >>

Claudius Linossier

Claudius Linossier was a highly important French Art Deco metal artist who chose to work in the very old and very difficult technique of dinanderie, which involved continue >>

Boris Lovet-Lorski

1894- 1973
Boris Lovet-Lorski, sculptor, lithographer, and painter who contributed significantly to the American Art Deco movement, was born in Lithuania in 1894. Trained a continue >>


Louis Majorelle

Firmly rooted in the craft of woodwork and furniture-making, Louis Majorelle’s furniture subtly recalled the splendors of furniture from the 1700's. Majorelle continue >>

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha is for many people synonymous with Art Nouveau. Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful healthy young women in flowing vaguely Neoclassical looki continue >>

Louis Comfort Tiffany

1837 - 1933
Louis Comfort Tiffany was a Renaissance man during a period of history known as the Gilded Age. As an artist of many media and decorative arts, his lengthy care continue >>

Almeric Walter

1870- 1959
Almeric Walter was born in Sèvres in 1870 and is famous for his work in pâte-de-verre glass. His father and grandfather were painters of ceramic and A continue >>

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