Art Glass and Pâte-de-Verre

"Poissons Dans Les Vagues" Vase by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
"Dancers Wearing a Long Dress" Vase by Argy-Rousseau
Art Nouveau Cameo Glass Vase with Serpents by Ernest Leveillé
Ernest Leveillé for Escalier de Cristal—G-16812
"Langouste", Pâte de Verre Paperweight by Walter and Bergé.
Walter and Bergé—P-19249
French Art Nouveau Pâte-de-Verre Paperweight by Walter
"Butterfly Dancer" by Bouraine & Argy-Rousseau.
"Langouste", pâte de verre paperweight by Walter and Bergé.
Walter and Bergé—P-18460
Louis Damon Vases titled "Triton" & "Saint George Slaying the Dragon"
Louis Damon—G-19262
Art Nouveau "Crabe" Vide Poche by Amalric Walter
Almeric Walter—P-18907
Art Nouveau Vase "Lyciet de Barbarie" by Argy-Rousseau
Argy rousseau—G-19245
"Grapevine" Cameo Glass vase by Émile Gallé
Émile Gallé—G-18637
Art Nouveau pâte de verre "Masques" Vase by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
Gourd-Shaped Enameled Glass Vase by Portieux Vallerysthal
"Fruit Branch" Vase by Emile Gallé
"Papillon" Bowl by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
"Langouste," pâte de verre vide-poche by Walter and Bergé.


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